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Cutting Disc XT38 Rodius 204621

Cutting Disc XT38 Rodius

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Extra-thin cutting disc offering a long lifetime and excellent price-performance ratio.

Dimensions Rhodius Code
115Χ1,0 204619
115Χ1,5 203877
125Χ1,0 204621
125Χ1,5 203881
180X1,5 205701
230X1,9 205702
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Cutting Disc XT38 Rodius:

The XT38 cutting disc is suitable for freehand use with all angle grinders in any performance class (including low-power and battery-powered machines).  Iron- and sulphur-free. 

The XT38 offers an impressively long lifetime (tool life) during use, even in solid material, combined with a very aggressive, light and fast cut. Precise work when processing thin-walled material is also easy to achieve. The disc features minimal sparking, low dust generation and very smooth, vibration-free operation. All of which makes work easier and is especially cost-effective. 

Suitable for:

  • Stainless steel (SST, Inox)
  • Steel 
  • Cast steel 


  • Little bur formation 
  • High Cuttin Speed
  • Fewer Sparks

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