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Disposable Hygenizer Sani Sea Octopus 66

Disposable Hygenizer Octopus 66 200ml

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Disposable Hygenizer Octopus 66 200ml

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Disposable Hygenizer Octopus 66 200ml:

  • Spray product ideal for fast and effective sanitizing hygenizer action for small rooms.
  • It neutralizes bad smells caused by micro-organisms, organic substances smoke or humidity, immediately refreshing the environment.
  • Perfect for cars, buses, lorries, caravans, boats etc.
  • For a correct use, place the can in the centre of the room, activate the air conditioning system, press the dispensing button and close the doors.
  • Leave the product to work for at least 15 minutes, then ventilate the room for a few minutes.
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